What is Concierge Physical Therapy

Concierge Physical Therapy blends a Physical Therapy experience in the comfort of your home, vacation rental or office at a time that is convenient for you.

We provide one on one individualized care in your environment, which we believe will help you achieve your rehabilitative goals at your desired pace.

So whether you strained your knee on the slopes while here on vacation, or prefer to do your physical therapy sessions in the privacy of your own home gym on your schedule, we can provide that VIP experience you are looking for.

Perks of the VIP Experience:

Convenience: We all lead busy lives, let us take the stress and hassle out of your day and bring the Physical Therapy Clinic to you.

Insurance: No insurance visit limit cap or limitations on what type of treatments we can provide for you because we are a cash based practice.

Direct Access: No need for an MD referral for your Initial Evaluation.

Continuity of Care: Let us take care of your Physical Therapy needs while you are here on vacation, so you don’t relapse on the progress you’ve already made.

To schedule an Appointment or for more Information: